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Disadvantages of Old Age Homes

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  • People generally staying here are very sad. It is but natural for them to be so as they leave their well-known homes for stranger place that lacks in all memories.
  • It is natural for them to fear nursing homes as it is known to be prior step to death. Seeing that they will not be able to get back to their homes, it can be deemed true.
  • Main problem that one faces here is loneliness. Few residents here get visits from families after long time and these are very few in nature.
  • Independence becomes a thing of past when one enters these homes. Many see it as the end of their lives. With independence all gone, they even bid goodbye to their self-esteem. All they live their lives in is scheduled activity.
  • Missing element here is freedom. What is given to them for meals is final. They do not have any say in it. Other freedoms that they lose are:
    • Cooking for friends and family
    • Only with nurses help one can shower that too on their schedule
    • Here service of laundry is provided only with rest of resident’s laundry
    • After getting permission only can watch TV
  • They do not even have independence to go for worship at place of their option. They instead have to go to retirement home’s service.
  • They are not even allowed to have personal doctors. All they get is one’s at home.
  • Anger at putting them in these homes directed at their children is a natural thing for these residents. Family is bound to get various heartaches from these.
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